October 8 (Wed)

Special Session co-organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center and Mori Art Museum

The New Relationship between Art and the City as Seen in Asia

Across Asia, biennial and triennial international art shows are growing in frequency and size, and the markets for art are burgeoning as well. ICF 2014 has drawn together participants primarily from Southeast Asia who have special ties to art and creative cities to discuss the possibilities for Asian art and design in this special session co-organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center and Mori Art Museum.

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A New Relation between Art and the City

  • Marco Kusmawijaya (Director, Rujak Center for Urban Studies)
  • Karndee Leopairote (Assistant Professor, Thammasat Business School / Executive Director, the Future Innovative Thailand Institute)
  • Jason Hsu (Curator, Shareable Cities & TEDxTaipei / Co-founder, MakerBar)
  • Fumio Nanjo (Director, Mori Art Museum)

How do art, design, architecture, and other modes of creation interplay with urban environments on the grand stage formed by cities and society? What roles do they play, and how do they shape urban lifestyles? When we visualize cities of the near future from the perspectives of the environment, energy, telecommunications, transport, and other modalities, we see that these urban infrastructures and structures will rapidly change, not only in their physical aspects, but also in their intangible features, becoming flexible and networked. In this context, what are the possibilities that can be opened up by creative thinking, and how will such thinking contribute to the development of that potential? We will examine this question in light of several case studies from Asia.


Media Art Goes Public


Today, art is evolving with the use of new media and technologies, paving the way to new possibilities in urban art that diverges from the traditional forms seen in outdoor sculpture and public art. We will explore the current shape of this realm of art, its new possibilities and significance, and the ways it might mold our future lifestyles.


Art into the Society

  • Kittiratana Pitipanich (Director, Design and Creative Business Development Department, Thailand Creative & Design Center)
  • Venzha Christ (Media Artist, Director of HONF Foundation)
  • Richard Streitmatter-Tran (Artist / Director of Dia/Project, Ho Chi Minh City / Senior Lecturer, RMIT University Vietnam)
  • Jason Hsu (Curator, Shareable Cities & TEDxTaipei / Co-founder, MakerBar)

The practice of art and design serves as a foundation for society, giving shape to education, culture, lifestyles, and communities. We will use case studies to examine these creative pursuits’ basic impact and significance for society, and the possibilities they offer, as we also discuss what can be done for the future.



October 8 "Special Session co-organized by The Japan Foundation Asia Center and Mori Art Museum" may be attended separately for ¥1,500 (incl. tax).