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October 8 (Wed)-10 (Fri), 2014 Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 5F-4F

Innovative City Forum 2014 is over. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to the Innovative City Forum 2014.
You can watch all the sessions from "MOVIES 2014."

Speakers of Innovative City Forum 2014

Designing the Future
for Global Cities and Lifestyles

How will we be living in 20 years?

As the world population continues to grow, cities are expected to become even more crowded in the years ahead. The future of our burgeoning metropolises and the lifestyle of the people who will live in them are concerns that we who live today must take up as a global agenda.

Innovative City Forum is an open international conference to discuss designing the future of cities and urban lifestyles in the context of the question, "How will we be living in 20 years?" It brings together a diverse array of speakers from across the world—including researchers and entrepreneurs at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and ... urban development, as well as inspired designers and artists who push the boundaries of creativity—and provides them with a forum to share and discuss their personal visions for the future of our cities.

The inaugural session of ICF, held in October 2013 to mark the tenth anniversary of the opening of Roppongi Hills, showcased and scrutinized many different possibilities for the future and new concepts already being put into action. The immense success of that gathering demonstrated to the world that Tokyo is destined to become a hub for new ideas and networks in culture and the creative industries.

This year, the second hosting of ICF signals its transition to an annual event that will continue to serve as a novel and unparalleled platform to discuss designing the future of cities and urban lifestyles.

Innovative City Forum Program Committee
Heizo Takenaka, Hiroo Ichikawa, Fumio Nanjo, Joichi Ito

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