Designing the future for global cities and lifestyles

Innovative City Forum (ICF) is an international conference that originally sprang from the desire to explore the future of cities and lifestyles through discussions based around a fundamental question: “What will our lives be like 20 years from now?” ICF has had the honor of hosting many distinguished speakers from around the world, from researchers and businesspeople at the forefront of technological and urban development to designers, artists, and other creative leaders, who have fueled our discussions with their ideas and visions for the future and the possibilities it offers. First held in 2013, the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Roppongi Hills development in Tokyo, ICF has since been held every autumn. The 2020 edition of ICF will be the 8th in the conference’s history.

ICF 2020

The Pandemic and Innovative Cities

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly brought about rapid and wide-ranging change around the world, substantially affecting the ways in which people will live for the foreseeable future, but what exactly has and has not changed, and what influence will those changes have on the post-COVID world?

Set to take place as the COVID-19 situation remains atop the global agenda, this year’s edition of ICF will explore the pressing issues of urban governance and lifestyles, including how they will and will not change, and what must and must not be transformed in the post-COVID era. These discussions will be informed by a wide range of perspectives, from the urban, to the social, to the cultural and artistic.


  • Schedule

    2020/11/16 (Mon.)–11/27 (Fri.)•Breakout Sessions & Follow-up Sessions: 11/16 (Mon.)–11/26 (Thu.)
    •Plenary & Closing Session: 11/27 (Fri.)

  • Format

    Online (Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation will be provided.)

  • Organizers

    Mori Art Museum / Institute for Urban Strategies - The Mori Memorial Foundation / Academyhills

  • Supported by

    The Japan Foundation / Loftwork Inc.


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