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Innovative CIty Forum

Committed to designing the future for global cities and lifestyles

The world’s population continues to increase and concentrate in cities. As the speed of urbanization accelerates, the aging of urban residents has become an important issue in some cities. Meanwhile, the progress in science and technology is constantly offering us new lifestyles and changing our values. The future of our life will be not only affected by science and technology but also by art and design. They will enrich our natural and urban environment and shape the way we live and work.

Is it not up to us, each of us, to meet the challenge and succeed at designing our own futures ourselves? Is it not an urgent issue for humanity to redesign our cities? With this common understanding, the Innovative City Forum brings together opinion leaders from around the world to participate in a dialogue on the future of cities.

Shaping Mirai Tokyo

We will focus on 20 years ahead to the future of Tokyo, which has started to move toward major changes in view of TOKYO 2020.

Cities around the world are surrounded by diverse issues such as the concentration of population in cities, aging of the population, and environmental issues.

Meanwhile, our lifestyles and values are likely to change significantly as a result of progress in science and technology and new proposals regarding art and design.

With 2020 as a turning point, not only the Olympics and Paralympics, but also for their preparation, various initiatives have begun to be implemented in Tokyo.

At the ICF, where discussions will be held on global cities and lifestyles 20 years into the future, we will shed light on our future lifestyles from various perspectives such as advanced technology, art and with Tokyo, a megacity, as the theme.